Revolution season 2 episode 9

Watch online episod 9 – "Everyone Says I Love You"

Miles, Rachel, and Charlies move to rescue Aaron. They discover all the soldiers knocked out and Aaron and Cynthia gone. Following their escape route, they look in a fog shrouded forest, with the Patriots searching too. They, and eventually Monroe follow the trail to a local high school. At the high school, Aaron wakes up next to Cynthia, alive and apparently healed from her injuries. He discovers a small boy who says he lives there. After Cynthia wakes up, she notes that she does not see the boy, and it becomes apparent that the boy is a manifestation of the Nanotech. The nanotech says it has been helping Aaron because he woke it up. The Patriots arrive at the high school just before Miles and company. A competing searchs begins for Aaron. In one room, Miles collapses from his arm infection, and confesses his love for Rachel as Patriots burst in. Horn discovers Aaron fleeing and holds him at gunpoint. After Horn shoots dead Cynthia, the boy reappears. In his grief, Aaron requests that they boy kill all the Patriots in the school. He complies, but wonders why Aaron did not ask for Cynthia to be healed. The boy is confused about the conflicting requests from and vanishes, leaving Cynthia dead, and Aaron screaming.



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