Rogue Season 1 Episode 1 and 2

Watch Online Episode 1 – "The Aquarium", Episode 2 – "Fireball"

Episode 1

San Jose police officer Grace Travis is undercover with the Oakland PD.In her undercover persona as Jackie Hays she had been setting up a drug deal with gangster Jimmy Laszlo but is pulled out of her current operation when her son Sam killed in a drive-by shooting. Four months later, she is still on leave and trying to find her boy’s killer. She’s looking at her old cases to see if someone might be seeking revenge but after gangster Jimmy Laszlo’s accountant, Tony Alden, is killed, the forensic reports find the same type of blended metal in the bullets that killed him as were used to kill her son. They also found hoisin sauce. She is shot in a drive-by attempt on Laszlo and again, there’s a similarity in the bullets. Grace gets the license plate of the car and gives it too her less than reliable colleague, Wilson. Her cover is soon blown.


Episode 2

Grace’s cover is blown and she tells Laszlo the truth: that she’s no longer on the job and only wants to find out who killed her son. Now fearing that it’s someone in his own crew, he makes changes warning them about bugs. He’s shocked however to find that the $25 million he deposited in the bank just before his accountant was killed has now disappeared. Laszlo’s son Max is released from jail and he throws him a welcome home party. Grace is suspended pending the results of a review board. The police get a warrant to search the Chinese restaurant run by those that may have been involved in killing Laszlo’s accountant. As they’re searching, it’s firebombed.



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Rogue Season 1 Episode 3

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