Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 1

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Just days after Clay and Tara were imprisoned, much has changed within SAMCRO: Chibs is now Vice President, Happy is the new Sergeant-at-Arms, Bobby has distanced himself from SAMCRO and is considering going Nomad, and Juice’s status in the club is in question. Jax not only learns that Lyla was beaten after taking part in a violent style of porn at the docks in Stockton, but that Gemma may have turned Tara in to the authorities, which he finds difficult to believe. Lee Toric appeals to both Clay and Tara to turn state’s witness against the Sons of Anarchy. Tara refuses, but Clay knows he won’t live long without Toric’s help. Jax and his crew head to Stockton to deal with those who hurt Lyla, and they strike up a partnership with an ex-cop (Peter Weller) who enlists Jax’s help in helping a local madam (Kim Dickens) go legit. Pope’s people still want Jax to surrender Tig to them. At a Catholic school, a violent shooting occurs which could have dire repercussions for the club. 



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