Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 2

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Nero is interrupted by his cousin Arcadio, who reveals that the boy who shot up the school was his old lady’s kid. It is revealed that 4 children died in the shooting, including Matthew Jennings (the silent blond boy from the first episode). Jax finds out that the shooting at the Catholic school was due to the KG-9’s he had shipped out to Nero’s crew. Jax meets with Galen in an attempt to free the club from the gun business, but due to the shooting, Galen is convinced that the guns would sell at a higher price. In county, Toric brings Clay an agreement to cooperate. Toric explains he’s much more interested in retribution than justice. He offers Clay help with the murder charge, immunity from club charges and witness protection anywhere in the world. Clay refuses to sign until a sit down with Jax and Gemma is arranged. Gemma sits down with Clay as he admits all his guilt and assures her that no matter what happens, none of this lands on her. Gemma leaves as she breaks down in tears in the bathroom. Unable to make the sit down with Jax happen in 24 hours, as Clay wanted, Toric signs it himself, forging Clay’s signature. Jax worries that Darviny, who is revealed to be a junkie as well as Arcadio’s old lady, will go to the police with the Club/Nero’s ties to the KG-9’s. Gemma suggests getting Arcadio and Darviny out of their house and into a SAMCRO safe house. When they get there, Darviny believes they are going to kill her and tries to escape with Arcadio. Nero warns Arcadio not to get into the truck with Darviny, as it will be considered an act of betrayal. Disobeying, Nero is forced to kill his own cousin. A loathing Jax gets Juice to drug and kill Darviny. As the bodies are buried, it is revealed that Bobby has added another member, Hopper, to the Nomads. Toric then visits Diosa, leaving one of his cards with Nero’s girls. 

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