Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 4

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Former U.S. Marshal Lee Toric takes Clay to visit Otto. Clay slips a shiv to Otto. Toric gives Otto a pad to write down the sins of SAMCRO. Otto writes an insulting remark about Toric’s sister and then kills Toric. The guards then kill Otto. Jax exacts revenge against some skinhead Nazis, killing them and planting the guns on their rural property, and then burning down their house, making it look like an internal beef. Galen is pissed off that Jax wants out of guns, and Galen goes to Osbourne’s lumber barn and shoots and dismembers SAMCRO member Phil and a SAMCRO prospect. The Sheriff orders Lee Toric’s personnel file, suspecting Lee Toric is up to no good. The Sheriff lets Nero go home, but Nero’s truck remains impounded. 

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