Spartacus Season 2 Episode 2

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Spartacus and his band of Gladiators move south, and take an isolated villa owned by a wealthly Roman, who had Naevia for a short time before sending her further south. One of the slaves, a young male named Nasir, attempts to kill Spartacus in the night as he has lost his position due to Spartacus’ actions. Spartacus choses not to have Nasir killed, but decides to train him. Back in Capua, Lucretia is viewed as an Oracle due to her surviving Spartacus’ massacre; in the marketplace Lucretia receives a note from a hooded stranger. Meanwhile, Oenomaus thinks back about his purchase from the Pits by Titus Lentulus Batiatus in his youth, where he eventually states his reason for living is the honor of Titus and his House. Oenomaus fights in the Pits hoping to be killed, but he is eventually taken to the villa before Glaber as Lucretia is performing a ritual to ask the Gods to aid Glaber against Spartacus. The hooded stranger is revealed to be Ashur, former nefarious right-hand man of Quintus Batiatus, who is working in secret with Lucretia. 

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