Spartacus Season 2 Episode 10

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Spartacus and most of his followers stand on the mountain paths of the lower slopes of Mt. Vesuvius pondering their next move. Some of his followers attempt to ambush several Roman soldiers guarding the mountain, including Ashur and the Egyptian mercenary. The ambush fails but some of the rebels, led by Spartacus, arrive to save their companions and a battle breaks out. Mira is killed by an axe meant for Spartacus. Meanwhile, Lucretia and a pregnant Ilithyia travel to Mt. Vesuvius where Ilithyia has a conversation with Glaber that convinces him that Ashur was working with Seppia to kill him, and suggest that he get rid of Ashur. Glaber agrees with her and in return asks Ilithyia to murder Lucretia because her role as oracle serves no purpose anymore, and this task will win his trust. Glaber bribes Ashur’s soldiers to betray the troublesome Ashur and then forces him to go on a suicide mission to prove himself, confronting Spartacus and his followers alone and bargaining for their surrender. Ashur’s offer is declined when he reveals that Spartacus will be killed upon surrender and his followers would once again become slaves. Ashur begins to depart when Crixus suggests that they execute him. Spartacus agrees with this and Naevia convinces Crixus to allow her to fight him. After a protracted duel, Naevia decapitates Ashur. Spartacus comes up with a plan to ambush the Roman encampment. They weave rappelling vines and Spartacus, Agron, Crixus, and Gannicus descend down the mountain behind the Roman guards. At the bottom of their descent, they take control of the siege weapons to set fire to the camp and leave the legion in disarray. The rest of the rebels join in the battle, attacking from the side. Meanwhile, before Ilithyia is able to push Lucretia from the ludus’ balcony her water breaks. At first Lucretia is pretending to help Ilithyia deliver her baby but after killing Ilithyia’s slaves, Lucretia cuts Ilithyia’s newborn son from her womb and commits suicide by jumping off the ludus’ cliff with the baby in her arms. Ilithyia, witnessing all this, collapses and apparently dies from shock and loss of blood. The battle between Glaber’s forces and the rebels rages on and Oenomaus and Gannicus battle the Egyptian gladiator. Gannicus manages to kill the Egyptian mercenary but Oenomaus is fatally wounded and dies in Gannicus’s arms. Spartacus has a one-on-one sword fight with Glaber. Glaber boasts that his death and the destruction of his legion will bring many more legions of Roman soldiers after them and the rebels will never win in the long run. In response, Spartacus shoves his sword down Glaber’s throat, killing him. Spartacus and the surviving rebels proceed to celebrate their victory. 

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