Supernatural Season 9 Episode 1

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Sam is dying and dreaming that he is talking with Dean and Bobby. Dean is trying to convince him to live while Bobby is trying to convince him to let go and die. Ultimately, Sam decides to follow “Bobby’s” advice and meets Death himself who decided to come reap Sam personally. Death assures Sam that he can make it so that Sam won’t ever be brought back, but he must make a decision. Castiel, now human, makes his way to a gas station where he meets an angel, Hael, who is seemingly looking for guidance. After deciding to help Dean instead, Castiel is kidnapped by Hael; she wants to possess him, because the body she is in now is too weak for her. Castiel manages to escape Hael by crashing her car, but when she threatens to tell all the angels looking for him where he is if he doesn’t say Yes, he is forced to kill her. Castiel tries dry-cleaning his bloody clothes, but needing food and water now that he is human, abandons them in favor of a new outfit he steals and food and water. Desperate to save Sam, Dean prays to any angel to come and help. Two show up: one that wants to kill Castiel and the other named Ezekiel, who is willing to help. Dean kills the other angel, but as Ezekiel tries to heal Sam, two more angels show up. Dean banishes them and Ezekiel, himself in a weakened state, offers a solution for the near-death Sam: if he possesses Sam, he can heal him from the inside while at the same time healing himself. Ezekiel takes on Dean’s form to talk to Sam and convinces him to say Yes. Ezekiel possesses Sam, but after discussing the terms of the situation with Dean, he erases Sam’s memory of the event and lets Sam take control, while he stays in the background healing Sam secretly. 

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