Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2

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Sam and Dean take the captive Crowley to the Men of Letters bunker to try to get the locations of all the demons on Earth from him, but he refuses to help and they leave him to think about it in the dark. At the same time Abaddon has her vessel Josie Sands restored and starts a crusade to take over Hell. With the help of three demons that take three soldiers as vessels to become stronger, Abaddon captures two hunters and uses them to lure Sam and Dean into a trap. Sam and Dean are both defeated and one of the other hunters killed, but Ezekiel takes control when Sam is in trouble and kills the three other demons, causing Abaddon to flee. After discussing Dean’s guilt with him, Ezekiel returns control to Sam who is none the wiser to his possession as Ezekiel made it look like Dean killed the demons. At the same time, while trying to find a way to reverse Metatron’s spell and kill Abaddon, Kevin confronts and beats Crowley who claims that he didn’t kill his mother and will lead Kevin to her if he releases him. While Kevin doesn’t, he does try to leave to find out for himself, but Dean convinces him not to go by telling him that the Winchesters consider him family and if his mother is alive, she is as good as dead. Crowley offers Sam and Dean the names of two demons and a deal for the rest: if they help him with things he wants, he will give them everything they want. As Sam checks to see if Crowley’s information is good, he and Dean discuss the grim future they face with both angels and demons out there after them. 

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