Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3

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Ezekiel takes control of Sam to inform Dean that many of the fallen angels are actively searching for Castiel and are taking hold of innocent vessels to interact on Earth. He is also slowly but surely healing the damage Sam took from the trials in the previous season. Dean and Sam start a search for Castiel, being not long behind him all the way. At the same time, the angel faction led by Bartholomew, a follower of Naomi, uses an internet preacher to encourage devout people to agree to possession and actively search for Castiel. While an angel is successful, Castiel kills him and uses a tattoo to ward himself from the angels, forcing Bartholomew to send a rouge Reaper to search for him instead. One follows Sam and Dean, but they capture, torture and kill him and desperate, Dean calls on Ezekiel for help, having him search by looking for Reapers that are searching for Castiel. Castiel meets a woman named April who takes him in and they have sex, but she turns out to be possessed by an angel who tortures Castiel for information on Metatron before Sam and Dean arrive to rescue him. The angel kills Castiel before Dean manages to kill her with an angel sword. Ezekiel resurrects Castiel and Dean claims he tricked the angel into bringing Castiel back to cover this up. Castiel is excited to experience human things and to have Sam and Dean as his teachers, but Ezekiel warns Dean that it is too dangerous for him to be around as the group will not survive a full angel incursion and that Castiel must leave or Ezekiel must leave Sam and flee. Given the ultimatum of choosing between his brother and his good friend, Dean chooses his brother and tells Castiel that he must leave. 

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