Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4

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In 1935, Dorothy Gale comes to the Men of Letters bunker with The Wicked Witch of the West from Oz in hopes of finding a way to kill her as she appears to be invincible. Failing in doing so, Dorothy binds herself and the Witch in order to stop her from returning to Oz and wreaking havoc. In the present, finding that the bunker’s map table is connected an ancient computer, Sam and Dean call in Charlie Bradbury to break into the computer in hopes of locating all the angels in the world. However, Dean accidentally releases Dorothy and the Witch and the four must work together to stop the Witch’s plans. Charlie finds that poppy seed extract can stun the Witch and makes bullets out of it while Dean locates the key to Oz that the Witch needs. However, the Witch attacks and Charlie sacrifices herself for him with the Witch getting the key. Dean has Ezekiel resurrect Charlie who figures out that the Oz books were clues from L. Frank Baum who was one of the Men of Letters, to Dorothy, who is his daughter, on how to defeat the Witch and Dorothy figures out that the Ruby Slippers can kill her. The Witch possesses Sam and Dean, revealing that her actual plan is to bring her army to Earth and take over and while Dorothy holds them off, Charlie goes after the Witch. Charlie kills the Witch just in time and manages to close the door to Oz just before her army can make it through. With the Witch dead, Dorothy returns to Oz to free it from the evil forces controlling it and Charlie goes with her. 

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