Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5

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A taxidermist in Enid, Oklahoma is constricted to death by a man taking on the traits of a snake. Reading about it, Sam and Dean decide to investigate, but reach a dead-end with the only clue which points to a couple of animal lovers who defaced the taxidermist’s storefront but had their eyes injured by the killer with snake venom. That night, the killer goes to the animal shelter and steals all the cats, eating one. Taking on cat-like traits, he develops claws and kills the shelter worker. Investigating, Sam and Dean find the taxidermist’s dog, The Colonel at the shelter and realize he witnessed both murders. Needing information on what could be doing this, Dean casts a spell that allows him to communicate with animals but causes him to take on dog-like traits. The Colonel is able to give a bit of a description of the killer, but can’t supply much information so the three return to the shelter to look for other witnesses. In exchange for a belly-rub, a dog tells them about the killer eating a cat and how he had a sack with the name of a restaurant on it. After Dean releases the dogs, he and Sam check out the restaurant and learn from papers and a couple of mice in the office that the man, Chef Leo is using animal parts to take on the traits of various animals for some reason using shamanism. Chef Leo returns and mortally wounds Sam, but after Ezekiel heals him, Chef Leo knocks him out to eat Sam to get the healing ability, believing Sam is somehow regenerating on his own. Chef Leo catches Dean who, through his dog senses, realizes that he has cancer. Chef Leo explains that he has terminal cancer and is taking on the traits of various animals to try to find a cure. It works temporarily, but the effect always wears off so he is now experimenting with combining various animal traits. Chef Leo takes on the traits of a wolf to kill Dean, but he breaks free and summons the dogs from the shelter who maul Chef Leo to death. As its too dangerous for a dog to be on the road with them, Dean takes The Colonel to the animal lovers they had suspected and they adopt him. The Colonel tells Dean that dogs aren’t actually man’s best friend, but the spell wears off before he can explain what dogs really are supposed to be. Dean returns to normal and reassures Sam, but the experience leaves him shaken as what Chef Leo was allowing to possess him eventually took him over completely and Dean worries about the same happening with Sam and Ezekiel. 

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