Supernatural Season 9 Episode 7

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Dean gets a call from an old friend Sonny who runs a reform school in New York asking for his help when a man is mysteriously killed at the school. Sam is shocked to learn that Dean spent two months at the school himself in 1995 and that instead of it being a hard time for him, he actually enjoyed it and flourished. At the school, Sam meets one of the workers, Ruth, who tells him she believes it to be the ghost of the former owner of the farm the school exists on who murdered an innocent woman who’s husband was the victim. Sam and Dean salt and burn the man’s bones, but Ruth is murdered by a ghost and a bully nearly loses his hand mowing the grass so they realize its not him. After talking with a little boy named Timmy and seeing a drawing of his mother’s death, Sam realizes that the ghost is Timmy’s mother who has been protecting him, but has slowly been going insane from being tied to Earth and is attacking anything she sees as a threat to him. Timmy explains that his mother died in a car crash where the car exploded but she saved him and she came back when he called out for her but he can’t control her. Dean destroys a toy Timmy has that his mother gave him, but when that doesn’t work and Timmy’s mother attacks Sam, Dean and Dean’s old girlfriend Robin, they realize she is attached to Timmy himself rather than the toy. As Timmy’s mother tries to kill them, Dean gets Timmy to be assertive for the first time in his life and tell his mother to leave. Listening to her son, Timmy’s mother grows peaceful and finally moves on. Sam and Dean leave with Robin finally understanding why Dean had to leave and that unlike what they thought as kids, they ended up doing what their parents want and its not such a bad thing. Sam also understands that instead of being the worst part of Dean’s life, the reform school was the best. In flashbacks, Dean is taken to the reform school after he is caught stealing food when he loses all of their food money. His father leaves him there as punishment for losing the money, but Dean grows to enjoy his time, befriending and falling for Robin who gives him his first kiss. Dean admits he doesn’t want to go into the “family business” which Robin sympathizes with as she doesn’t either. The two plan to go to a school dance together and during his time at the school, Dean becomes a high school wrestling champion, makes friends and ends up doing well in school. As a result, Sonny gets the charges against him dropped and offers him a permanent place at the home. However, on the night of the dance, John returns to take him with him on his next hunt and refuses to delay even for one night. Sonny offers to help Dean stay permanently if he wants to, but Dean decides he can’t leave Sam and reluctantly leaves with his father and brother. 



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