Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8

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Investigating mysterious disappearances in Hartford, South Dakota, Sheriff Jody Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) calls in Sam and Dean to investigate as there are reports of strange flashes of light and unnatural strength involved. Sam and Dean believe that it is dragons because only virgins are being taken and join a church chastity group. Dean goes home with the group councilor and discovers that she is one of his favorite porn stars and has sex with her. At the same time, Sam and Sheriff Mills discover that the people taken are actually people who have broken their vows of chastity and rush to warn Dean too late. Dean and the councilor, Suzy Lee, are dumped in an old fallout shelter where the rest of the victims are except one who has already been taken away. Dean manages to call Sam, but the call gets cut out quickly, but Sam gets a clue from the sound of a train whistle in the background. Sam and Sheriff Mills are able to figure out where Dean is and that they are dealing with Vesta, Roman goddess of the hearth. After forcefully getting the needed virgin blood for the stake that can kill Vesta, they travel to the farm where they confront Vesta. Sheriff Mills kills Vesta, but not before she reveals to Sam that his body is in bad shape. Dean breaks free and the three rescue the surviving victims. Afterwards, Sam questions what Vesta said and Dean considers telling him the truth, but Ezekiel convinces him not to. 



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