Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9

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A civil war starts between angels working for Bartholomew and angels working for Malachi, an anarchist, both of whom want to rule Heaven which will end in disaster. Sam and Dean initially investigate with Castiel, but “Ezekiel” makes Dean send Castiel away. Desperate, Castiel prays for help and is met by an angel named Meriel who is neutral in the war. Castiel convinces her to hear him out and she explains what she knows, but he is captured by Malachi and another angel named Theo who were tracking Meriel. Malachi tortures Castiel for information on Metatron, killing Meriel to try to force him to tell him what he knows and reveals that many angels died in the Fall from Heaven including Ezekiel. Malachi leaves Castiel alone with Theo who wants to defect to Metatron’s side. Castiel tricks Theo into releasing him, then steals his grace, turning him back into an angel and at least partially restoring his powers. After escaping, Castiel calls Dean to warn him about “Ezekiel.” At the same time, Metatron meets with “Ezekiel” who is revealed to really be the angel Gadriel who guarded the Garden of Eden until the Serpent got in and was disgraced. He was released by the Fall and Metatron proposes working together to restore Heaven with angels that they like. Gadriel is initially reluctant, but agrees and is given orders by Metatron to kill someone to prove his allegiance. After learning the truth from Castiel, Dean uses a sigil to knock Gadriel out so that he can tell Sam the truth, but “Sam” knocks him out and reveals himself to really be Gadriel, having altered the sigil so it gave him control rather than Sam. Gadriel kills Kevin and leaves, taking with him the angel tablet but leaving Dean alive to mourn the loss of Kevin and Sam. 



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