Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12

Watch online episod 12 – "Sharp Teeth"


Sam and Dean have found themselves stuck on an important case which they can’t solve by themselves and decide the only way to crack it is to enroll the services of a demon. Not wanting Crowley to find out what they’re up to, they summon and trap a crossroads demon, promising that if he helps them solve the case, they in turn will release him. Dean gives him the options: either help us or get ganked. Reluctantly agreeing to the deal and listening to their dilemma, the demon explains that the only way to help them get the info they require is to let them see the world through his eyes and explains how he can make it happen, but also warns that seeing the world through a demons eyes can be addictive for some people. After finding the answers they need through the blackened vision of the demon, the boys release him and head back to finish the case, but Dean has been left tainted with the addiction and is already trying to figure out how to trap more demons to feed his secret new obsession of “Demon Sight” without Sam or Crowley finding out.





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