The Americans Season 1 Episode 3

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Nina tells Beeman about a Soviet agent who was killed the night Timochev went missing. The dead agent is shown to be Rob, the man Timochev had stabbed. The FBI trace him to an address in Philadelphia and discover he had a wife and child. The Jennings are puzzled when they receive a message from Rob scheduling a meeting in Philadelphia. Suspicious, Philip sends agent Gregory (Derek Luke), a former black militant recruited by Elizabeth, to go to the meeting with his team. There, Gregory deduces that Rob’s wife had set up the meeting, unaware of surveillance by the FBI. Using his team to distract the FBI, Gregory kidnaps her. Joyce gives Philip a coded note from Rob. Claudia (Margo Martindale), the Jennings’ new KGB supervisor, tells him to contact the person mentioned in the note. The contact sells him schematics for an anti-missile laser. Meanwhile, the Jennings hand Joyce and her baby over to Claudia, who promises that she will be relocated to Cuba. In the Soviet Union, the baby is handed to Rob’s parents. Meanwhile, Joyce is found dead by the FBI from a staged drug overdose. 

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