The Americans Season 1 Episode 4

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President Reagan is shot. Both nations’ agencies are eager to learn if the other is involved. After completing their first mission of questioning Reagan’s nurses who ensure he will survive, the Jennings learn they are to mark key U.S. officials for future sniper hits. This leads to their discovery that Secretary of State Alexander Haig, who to some appeared to had taken control of the White House as acting president, may have the launch codes to the country’s nuclear arsenal. Elizabeth wants to inform the Soviets, but Philip insists on further investigation. They see Stan arrive home and learn what he knows. He gives John Hinckley, Jr.’s motivation behind the attempt; there was a concern the Soviets might have been involved, but it was quickly refuted. As Stan and his wife grow farther apart, Philip and Elizabeth get closer, as they agree that their act of withholding of the Haig intelligence could get them killed. 

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