The Americans Season 1 Episode 7

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Philip is sent to New York City to discredit a Polish dissident. While there, he has sex with an agent named Irina, who was his lover before he left Russia. She asserts that her son in Russia is from their relationship. After the successful mission, she tells Philip she plans to leave the KGB and disappear; she invites Philip to join her, but he declines. Elizabeth gains a new source within the SDI project by paying off his gambling debt. Meanwhile, Stan misses a family dinner to work late; his colleague takes him to a bar and urges him to pick up a woman for casual sex, but he instead calls Nina. They have sex under circumstances which strongly hint that Nina is playing her handler. Agent Gaad indicates that the FBI may never deliver on Stan’s promise to eventually extricate Nina from the embassy. When Philip returns, Elizabeth apologizes for their prior rift and asks him to try to make their marriage real. He agrees, but lies to her about his night with Irina. 

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