The Americans Season 1 Episode 11

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The CIA assassinates three KGB officials in Moscow, including Elizabeth’s mentor, General Victor Zhukov. Elizabeth decides, against KGB orders, to kill the CIA official who Claudia claims planned the operation. She succeeds in abducting him, but eventually relents and lets him go. Afterwards, Elizabeth visits Philip to reconcile, but leaves when she learns he has rented an apartment. She then confronts Claudia, accusing her of manipulating her into moving against the CIA official to destroy her career. Claudia says that she was Zhukov’s lover and denies any ill will toward the Jennings; she is surprised that Elizabeth did not carry out the killing. Meanwhile, Stan’s wife leaves him; he goes to Nina and attempts to break off their affair, but ends up losing his resolve to have sex with her instead. The newly promoted Nina is given access to the material obtained by the Weinberger bug, but keeps the information from Stan in order to further investigate Vlad’s death. Martha surprises “Clark” by introducing him to her parents, who like him. 

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