The Crimson Field Season 1 Episode 2

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The first wave of casualties are brought to the hospital, including down-to-earth Major Crecy, whose legs have been amputated, and Jackie Byeford, the young private who saved his life, making them the only two survivors from their unit. Crecy’s imperious wife Adelinde arrives and is disruptive, demanding her husband be moved to another ward though he wants to stay with Jackie and Kitty breaks the rules by allowing Jackie to say goodbye to the major, who is despairing and suicidal . Joan impresses Rosalie with her feminist attitude though Margaret makes clear her lack of confidence in the volunteers whilst Matron works out that Kitty, anxious for a letter from her lover, has had his child. A further two hundred casualties come in and Joan puts Rosalie in charge of their care though it is Flora who takes over when Rosalie flees, shocked at the sight of a nude man. Kitty eventually gets her letter and it is one of rejection. However she encourages Adelinde Crecy to stand by her husband and not let him give in to despair.





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