The Driver Season 1 Episode 1

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Depressed cab driver Vince McKee, bored with his job with its ghastly fares, out of love with wife Ros and disrespected by his school-girl daughter, meets Colin, an old friend just released from a prison sentence for armed robbery. Ros detests him but Vince takes up his invitation to play poker at the house of a man known as the Horse. The Horse offers Vince a cryptic and clearly illegal driving job, though it does comes with a smart new car. Whilst kept in the dark about the nature of his first job it pays very well. His second involves the transportation of something in a hold-all and attracts the attention of the police though he eludes them after a prolonged chase. The next however is more sinister as Colin attacks a man and bundles him into the car’s boot.




The Driver Season 1 Episode 2

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