The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 10

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Alicia, on the verge of finalizing her exit from LG, discovers that she has been bequeathed millions of dollars by an eccentric and now-deceased client. His surviving wife however, contending the bequeathal, hires LG to contest the will. Meanwhile Florrick/Agos, having received few RSVPs to their holiday party, ask Alicia to invite her husband. Eli, who realizes certain undesirable clients might be in attendance, tries to stop Peter from attending. Kalinda, busy investigating LG’s newest lawyer, ends up getting arrested. Meanwhile, in the case regarding Alicia’s bequeathal, Clarke Hayden makes his debut at court. The case also dredges up passionate emotions for Will, who now questions how genuine Alicia’s affections were for him when they had an affair. 

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