The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 5

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The CBI team are dispatched to investigate the murder of a member of Visualize. Jason Cooper and Ray Haffner arrive at the crime scene and Cooper tells Lisbon that Haffner is invited to join the case by the Lieutenant Governor much to Lisbon and Jane’s dismay. The case seems to lead to the killer being in two places at the same time. Meanwhile, Cho meets a woman at the victim’s gym while canvassing. The woman is caught placing a bug in Cho’s desk at the CBI by Jane and is questioned. The woman turns out to be a private investigator hired to keep an eye on the investigation. At the end of the case, Jane confronts Cooper about hiring the PI to bug the CBI, but Cooper denies the accusation. Jane then realizes that Cooper was telling the truth and that Red John hired the PI to bug the CBI and the woman may be in danger. They track her location and when they arrive at her home, she is fatally wounded. Jane asks her who attacked her and she tells him that her attacker (Red John, presumably) had a tattoo on his left arm. 

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