The Missing Season 1 Episode 6

Watch online episod 6 -“Concrete”


2006:- Tony comes to and fights Garrett, killing him and disposing of his body in the river whilst burying his blood-stained shirt in the wet concrete of the house’s foundations. He returns to Emily, who tells him Garrett’s alibi clears him of taking their son and who also lies by saying Tony was with her at the time of Garrett’s disappearance. After Mark has saved Emily from suicide the Hughes return to England and Julien goes to visit his drug addicted daughter in hospital. He is attacked by a masked man, who proves to be Ziane,who has just done a deal with Suri. 2014:- Julien and Tony locate Karl Sieg but he has little to give them, beyond the fact that he was called in to clear up blood in the house where Oliver had been held. He does however incriminate Ziane.




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