The Originals Season 1 Episode 5

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The dagger has been removed from Elijah’s chest and he strikes up a conversation with Devina gaining her trust by showing his restraint from drinking her blood because she is a child. While they are conversing with Klaus, Rebecca and Hayley learn about Sophie Deveraux’s past and connection with Devina as well as “The Harvest”. It is revealed that the Harvest is a tradition that is performed by the witches to appease their ancestors so their magic is kept. All witches honored the sacrifice and were even thought lucky if they were one of the four that were chosen, except for Sophie who thought it to be an abomination. It is also revealed that Sophie and Marcel used to hook up. Disturbed by the ritual Sophie spilled the secret to the priest, Father Keiran, in hopes of stopping it. However, upon speaking to the witches they reached an impasse, and one of the witches vexed Father Keiran’s nephew, causing him to slowly go insane, distracting him from the harvest. As it turns out his nephew went crazy one night and murdered many peers and committed suicide in the church. In case you are not catching on, the priest is also Camille’s uncle. The ritual went on as planned until they sacrificed the first girl by slashing her neck. The other three girls having not been notified of how they were being sacrificed screamed out in horror. The witches were able to kill three of the four girls before they were intervened by Marcel who had been told about this ceremony by the priest in his desperation. Marcel uses the story trying to distract Klaus as he attempts to smuggle Devina out of town, however Devina has already made a deal with Elijah to help her contain her magic if she stays and frees him. Sophie tells the story while her, Hayley and Rebecca are romping through the Bayou to save the magic of the dead witches. A vision is seen about Klaus and Hayley’s baby destroying all of the witches which Sophie doesn’t believe. Sophie shares with Hayley that the Harvest was actually real and she awesome it working when Devina gained the power of the 3 other girls giving her the power she has now. Hayley hearing this is no longer so convinced about the vision being wrong. When Elijah is freed after promising Devina his mother’s grimoire, it is show that there may be romance between Hayley and Elijah. And finally, Elijah reveals that they were drawn here on lies so that the Deverauxs could save their family, which makes Sophie their most dangerous enemy. 

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