The Originals Season 1 Episode 7

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Klaus and Elijah confront Marcel about Hayley’s whereabouts, thinking he kidnapped her since he was the last one to see her when he showed up to their home. Marcel tells them he didn’t kidnap her and decides to help them by allowing Sabine to do a one time locator spell. They find out she is in the Bayou, which was the home of a pack of werewolves before Marcel drove them out of New Orleans. After finding out he was compelled by Klaus to spy on him, Marcel decides not kill Josh but instead use him as a triple agent to spy on Klaus and has Davina wipe the compulsion from his mind, which is a painful process. It is revealed that Tyler Lockwood (special guest star Michael Trevino) was the one who kidnapped Hayley in order to test a prophecy he learned about her and Klaus’ baby. Tyler tells Hayley that her baby can create hybrids, and takes a sample of her blood and injects it into a werewolf named Dwayne who was turned into a hybrid before their eyes. He also reveals that Klaus was aware of this fact and planned to use their child to create him an army of hybrids. After witnessing the truth, Tyler tries to kill Hayley and the baby. She is able to escape by telling Dwayne that Tyler is trying to kill her (revealing that any hybrids created by her and the baby’s blood is sired to her and the baby). Marcel tells Rebekah that he is still in love with her, and tries to convince her to help him take down Klaus since Klaus will never allow her to be happy. After she escapes, Hayley runs into Elijah and tells him all what she learned from Tyler. After killing Dwayne, Tyler searches for Hayley and runs into Klaus. They begin to fight. Although he puts up a fight, Tyler is defeated. Instead of killing him, Klaus lets him live with the fact that he only lives because Klaus allows it. Elijah and Hayley meet Klaus at the cabin where Tyler kept Hayley captive. Klaus bites Elijah after they argue over what they learned from Tyler about the baby. Klaus then meets up with Rebekah and tells her she is going to help him overthrow Marcel since not only is she the only person he trusts, but because he knows Marcel still has feelings for her. Tyler meets with Marcel and tells him about Klaus and Hayley’s baby. 



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