The Red Road Season 2 Episode 3

Watch The Red Road Season 2 Episode 3 Online – "Intruders"


After hearing of Captain Warren’s suicide, Harold, Jean and her parents discuss their uneasiness. Marie meets with the Tribal Council to discuss the issue of a casino, which Sky is fiercely opposed to. They take their argument back to Marie’s house, where they are held up by two hooded men who are looking for the missing money. A shootout ensues at Marie’s until Kopus arrives, saving Marie and Sky. Jean’s parents tell Jean they are planning on moving to upstate New York and would like Harold and Jean to come with them. Jean takes Kate to go to her parents’ house, where she searches for a vent she remembers from her youth. Harold joins Frank in the search for the hooded men and returns home to Jean who tells him Captain Warren confessed to killing his wife right before he took his own life.




Lien direct

The Red Road Season 2 Episode 2
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