The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 8

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An old vampire friend of Stefan’s arrives in Mystic Falls, the 350-year-old Lexi (Guest star Arielle Kebbel). She makes Elena realize the value of love, and helps her to take the first step towards renewing a relationship with Stefan. Meanwhile, Jeremy stops doing drugs and putting off homework after Damon alters his memory of Vicki’s death. Elena asks Damon if there is anything else that he did to her brother but all Damon says is that he “removed the suffering”. Damon gives a box of vervain to Sheriff Forbes and she reveals to him all of the vampire hunters in town… unaware about his true nature. Damon frames Lexi for the death of a local boy by altering his girlfriend’s memory and changing her testimony. The police apprehend Lexi. Outside the bar, Damon stakes Lexi and kills her before she can attack the sheriff or reveal his secret. Stefan is furious about what has been done to Lexi and tells Elena that she was right by ending things with him, then he takes off and attacks Damon, but stops short of killing him. He spares Damon’s life to repay Damon for saving him from Logan. While wearing the amber crystal Bonnie has a nightmare and she wakes up in a cemetery. 

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