The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 18

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As Stefan struggles to maintain control of his new circumstances, Elena and Jeremy’s uncle, John Gilbert, unexpectedly shows up in Mystic Falls. Stefan exhibits some unusual behavior at the Founder’s Day event, and things turn ugly when Damon tries to find out why John Gilbert has returned. Meanwhile, Matt and Tyler find themselves in conflict after an incident at the party when Matt sees his mother making out with Tyler, which leads to a brutal fistfight between Matt and Tyler in front of the assembled guests. Afterward, Tyler’s father angrily hits Tyler for letting him lose his temper, and Matt orders Kelly to move out. Damon and Alaric find out that John Gilbert has a ring just like Alaric’s. John knows every history of Mystic Falls including Katherine and Elena’s mother, Isobel. Elsewhere, Elena is unable to comfort Jeremy without revealing her knowledge of vampires which causes him to take action when he decides to sneak a look at her diary. Stefan is still out of control and finds himself drinking from Damon’s cup which he left there to tempt Stefan. 

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