The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10

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Elena and Rose go to ask Slater about Klaus, but they find his staked corpse. Elena uses information from Slater’s computer to get Klaus’s attention, saying she wants to surrender. Caroline and Tyler discover Mason’s journal and the video diary that he used to document his transformations. Bonnie plans to lift the spell from the tomb and incapacitate Katherine so that Stefan can grab the moonstone, but Jeremy goes ahead with the plan alone and is captured by Katherine, who feeds on him. Stefan saves Jeremy but is trapped himself. Three vampires confront Damon, Rose, and Elena. Elijah kills the three vampires and then departs. Back home, a trapped Stefan makes Damon promise to protect Elena. Elijah informs Luka’s father that Damon and Stefan will protect Elena, which is Elijah’s goal. 

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