Watch Bones Online Release Date: 13 September 2005 (USA) Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance Summary: Watch Bones online at Bones is a well – known American television series depicting the cooperation of the FBI and a group of anthropologists led by Dr. Temperance Brennan. Literary background characters series is a series of detective novels by Kathy Reichs, the main character is Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel). Dr. Brennan directs the Department of anthropology where it is necessary to investigate the murder, which resulted from person remain only the pitiful remains. Partner temperance appoint an FBI agent, Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), but his skepticism makes some distrust in the team. This special agent in the past was an army sniper who fought in various hot spots. But long-dead victims are not the only thing that will have to face Brennan, Booth and their team. Solving crimes, they are often faced with bribery, corruption and local fragmentation. In addition to the crimes in the series also reveals the personal relationship between the main characters, including a potential romance between Booth and Brennan. On account of his 50 hit targets. The portion of humor, intricate investigation of crimes, personal and work relationships – the television series “Bones” certainly you’ll be pleased.

Watch Bones Online

Bones Season 1 Episode 1

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